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the current market value of domain names

The current market value and the consequent cost of domain names tend to be determined by the following factors:

  1. the fact that every domain name is unique and when it has gone, it's probably gone forever;
  2. the importance and popularity of a specific charitable keyword;
  3. the popularity of acronyms as short punchy web addresses for a number of charities;
  4. is THE publicly recognised domain name extension for UK charities and not for profit organisations.

Recent examples of publicly disclosed domain names purchased by "not for profits" and the price paid:

  1. riseup org £60,000
  2. aah org £45,700
  3. convenience org £44,000
  4. science org £32,700
  5. aid org £21,000
  6. £20,700
  7. stopthehate org £19,200
  8. aquifer org £17,700
  9. psl org £13,100
  10. ahr org £12,700
  11. ifm org £11,200
  12. pbl org £11,100
  13. slate org £11,000

Those prices are the top end values but the vast majority of domain names can be acquired for much less and we will strive to find the right domain name to suit your charity's budget.

As a guide to domain name prices generally, please visit, the domain industry magazine who publish weekly sales reports.

Shortly, if not already, online marketing will be the prime driver of charity income streams, so make sure your charity has one of the best UK web addresses and if you compare these costs with traditional marketing avenues such as TV adverts, magazine adverts and newspaper adverts, these one off domain name procurement costs are extremely good value.

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